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When I first launched beginner classes at the Unley Community Centre, I announced a six-week block - with classes continuing pending attendance and enthusiasm.

Well, attendee numbers are FANTASTIC (about 30 people per class!) and enthusiasm is through the roof... to the point that three people have gone out and bought brand spanking new cowboy boots especially for class.

So, it was a bit of a no brainer - classes will continue on! Same deal, Thursday nights 6:30 to 8pm at the Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street Unley, SA. Locked in dates for the next two months are as follows:

11th April

18th April

2nd May

16th May

30th May

6th June

Breaks are due to public holidays, pre-existing hall bookings, and a holiday for me.

These classes will remain at a beginner level - perhaps with one challenge dance each lesson. The classes are not progressive, so feel free to join in for the first time at any given week.

After this block, a fair few attendees will have a good bit of line dancing experience under their belt. I'll be looking into setting up an intermediate class for those wanting to try some trickier dances.

See you there!

After a few weeks of finnicky website creation which have seen my emotions vary from 'maybe I should be a web designer' to 'how I have I just wasted 45 minutes selecting a font', to 'I was never good at WordArt so why am I doing this' ... the website is done!


And, because I included a news/blog page, I had to, um, well, write a post.


So here it is, post number one. If you're online and reading this, thanks for being a fan from the start. It means a lot! See you on the dance floor soon!



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