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Footloose Fun founder Claire Harris

Bootscooting beyond
the confines of

Achy Breaky Heart

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Geraldton sure knows how to party!

Calling all those with two left feet...

Hi, I'm Claire, agricultural journalist by day, and line dance teacher also by day (and night). Dance has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, right back to when I was four years old dancing to music played by buskers outside pubs. Boots have also been integral to my identity from the get go – I insisted Blundstone boots would make me run faster at primary school sport days.


So, something that combined dancing and boots was always destined to be my calling. I began line dancing in 2018 and have loved it ever since, to the point I co-founded a 46,000km bootscooting road trip around Australia in 2022 teaching beginner-level dances to the masses. That trip was proof in the pudding that you can line dance anywhere, anytime, with anyone, of any age, to any type of music. In my opinion, the power of line dancing to bring people together is second to none.


In an effort to keep throwing line dancing stereotypes out the window, I have created Footloose Fun – a line dance teaching service aimed at beginners, where enjoyment is ALWAYS more important than getting the steps correct. Community gatherings, school events, private functions… whatever the request, I’ll be there with bells (and boots) on, ready to groove and grapevine with your people! I am based out of Adelaide, but am willing to travel for events.

Footloose Fun is not...
Footloose Fun is...
Launch party, Toowoomba, early March. Photo credit_ Lara Hildy Photography.JPG
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